Our Story: CBZN Perspective

Nov 27, 2020, EST – Height of the pandemic

To our client – We are your team!
To newly hire – It's gonna be tough, but it will be fun.
To my team – as our logo states: Think outside the Box

Back story

Back in September 2020, I received some of the hardest news that I must deliver to my team… Our Previous Company, Cubizone Philippines is shutting its doors to PH operation.

By October, we had our general assembly and I needed to deliver the painful news during the height of the pandemic. We are about to experience the problem that most people are facing – We’re about to lose our jobs. We dropped the announcement; I saw the gloom by looking at everyone’s faces. They tried to hide it, but I know what they really feel. We are on the same boat, and I am the Captain. Some of them have been with me for years, and some of them have recently been regularized in the company.

A heartfelt thought gave us a push. We want to help them all, and we must do something. We don’t want to waste this team’s talents. And we wanted to unleash their potential more than ever. I spoke to the company heads and proposed if we could try to put up our own company and accommodate the former Cubizone Philippines team members as much as we can.

November 27, 2020 - Our official company was registered with the name CBZN PERSPECTIVE – in which we derived from our previous employer, Cubizone Philippines Corp., but this time, it will be our perspective. It will be us.

Our Previous Boss, who is like a father to us all, Mr. Lee Yew Hon, supported this new venture of ours by giving us a few projects from start to date. December 2020, we had our 1st payroll under 4 employees; 2 contractual and two people who work for free; me and our finance, Rose Dagohoy. Thanks to Mr. Lee, I was able to provide salaries to some of the heads and a few members back then.

But given that we are now equipped with people, we started getting clients and projects. I also outsource projects to some of my closest and trusted friends to make sure that even if we outsource stuff, we can keep the standard that we set. And at the end of the day, our client will be happy and satisfied.

Speaking of satisfaction, every idea for every client needs to be unique, and every time you think of something, it must be leveled up. Our Cebu development team, James Cabilino, and our creative director Mark Ambing – these guys helped to level up our design team especially on website development, brand development, and other meticulous things too. These guys are surely a pain in the a**, but they are also a helping hand in times of need.

I would also like to thank a few people that helped a lot on our journey. Our first client for brand and website development; our dear brothers in Malaysia, Mr. Wilson Low, Mr. Ernie Tan, and the rest of the Wilstech company, we are truly blessed to be a part of your team. To my previous boss, Danny Fong; for mentoring me on how to position our company with the new entrepreneurship journey. Thank you, Sir DF. And to all our clients, friends, and partners; thank you so much for trusting us and continuing working with us.

Present 2020 to 2022

With the guidance of God and help of all the people around us. Our company can now provide 24 jobs to 24 souls, and we hope we can still grow more by 2023 and the coming years.

To all our battle scars, sleepless nights, mental and physical exertion, and to whatever the future holds, this journey will be cherished for the rest of our lives. If we succeed or not in the future, I'm already happy enough to say that during the pandemic, we achieved our purpose which is to provide jobs to our team, and for that, I'm truly grateful.

To all our friends from the client's recommendation, we are truly grateful.
To our families, thank you for your undying support.
To my ping pong buddies; Patrick and Alfred, thanks for always listening.
To my kumpares: thank you for the support.
To my wife Ayee and to my kids, thank you for being there.
To myself, breathe in, breathe out. Learn to celebrate small victories!
To my team and clients, thank you for believing!
…and to God, you never fail to amaze me.

To our company, enjoy your every 1st:
   …1st team building
   …1st Office
   …1st international trip
   …1st Studio
   …1st ESGS participation
   …1st Gamescom Asia

Happy 2nd Anniversary CBZN Perspective! We are still far from what we wanted but this is a huge milestone for us!!

CBZN Perspective CEO & Founder


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